How I Got Into USC.

For those of you that didn’t know, I was accepted into USC through its School of Architecture. The field of architecture had been of interest to me since the 7th grade. When I heard my highschool, Beverly Hills High, offered Architecture classes, I was enthralled. I took this course my Junior and Senior years, first designing a one-story house, then a two-story house. When I found out USC had a highly respected architecture program, its close location and great prestige made it my top choice for college. I compiled a portfolio with my various projects and photographs and sent it in along with my application.

I clearly remember the day I received my acceptance letter to USC’s School of Architecture. I was sitting in my room, anxious from the reports of various friends who had already received their USC application. I heard an abnormally loud thud as that day’s mail hit the floor through our mail slot. I ran to the pile of mail and found a promising package with the large inviting letters of USC printed onto it. Happy, excited, thrilled. Jumped around a few times, immediately called parents, couldn’t stop smiling the whole day, and probably the whole week.

So when I decided to drop Architecture after only one semester at USC, you can only imagine the hesitation, doubts, and guilt attached with this decision. But it has been a full three years since I have entered USC, and I’m happy with where I’m at. Sure there are days I look back at my portfolio and regret my decision, miss the structures, crave the creative outlet. But, there are definitely more days where I enjoy the interesting psychological concepts, the challenging philosophical ideas, and the times of relaxation in my apartment outside of the tediously demanding confines of studio. And I’m happy with where I’m at. I don’t know how different my life would be if I had stayed in architecture but I do know for a fact that I would not have met the people I’ve met, had the experiences I’ve had, learned the knowledge I’ve learned, attained the wisdom I’ve attained, if I had continued down the path of architecture. I have thus thoroughly enjoyed my journey here at USC. It’s been three years, only one more to go. Wow, the time…

Well, here’s how I got into USC:

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